living room layout

Check Out These Amazing Ideas for Your Living Room Layout

Did you know that new furniture styles generally come out in the spring and fall? If you want to update your living room with new…

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commercial interior design

9 Commercial Interior Design Trends You Need to Know

About 80% of US companies are shifting back to in-person work for at least part of the workweek. One concern that CEOs and company…

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House Tour | Southern Luxury Project

At first glance, the clean, neutral palette of this luxurious Memphis home belies the dynamic energy circulating throughout. From custom wall coverings to…

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home redesign

9 Signs It’s Time for a Home Redesign

More than half of the homeowners across the country plan to do some kind of renovation or improvements on their homes at any…

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hire an interior designer

7 Questions to Ask When You Hire an Interior Designer

In 2020, 55% of homeowners in America made significant changes to their home decor. After spending so much time inside during the past…

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bathroom remodel checklist

The Only Bathroom Remodel Checklist You’ll Ever Need

The idea of remodeling a bathroom remains more popular than ever these days. And as home improvement spending continues to increase, it might be time…

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bedroom design

7 Inspiring Bedroom Design Tips You Need to Know

Your bedroom is supposed to be your gateway from life’s stressful situations. It should be a peaceful sanctuary where you can get to…

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interior design trends

What Are the Current Interior Design Trends You Need to Know About?

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, people have been finding new ways to make their home lives comfortable. Some are realizing that this is…

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hiring an interior designer

9 Things to Consider When Hiring an Interior Designer

Are you looking to redo the interior of your home? Before you grab your paintbrush and toolbox, you need to consider the benefits…

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interior design firm

How an Interior Design Firm Can Help Your House Dreams Come True

Did you know an interior design firm can help your house dreams come true? For years, the idea of hiring an interior designer…

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