Commercial Design

Commercial Design

We can provide full service like no other all the way down to the customized art and the serving ware as needed and appropriate for the job. Commercial design services include selecting finishes, cabinetry, decorative lighting through furniture design and procurement. 

What to Expect

At our Kickoff Meeting we will gain a deep understanding of your design style, what you find inspiring, and how you want to move through your space. We will also discuss your budget and develop a timeline and communication process.

Here you will see the beginnings of joyful living come to life through MMI’s inspiration that will guide the design of your home. We will review furniture spatial plans and our ideas on architectural modifications and material palettes that form the foundation of our artistic vision for your space.

This is where you see your space come to life with a full design presentation including beautiful 3d imagery, design execution at every level from overall room design to initial ideas on materials that elevate your space and create a lush, elegant interior.

The built environment requires both curation and functionality to serve as a balm for the soul. At this stage, we will review the small but significant details that come together to create a backdrop for joyful living, such as: artful details for the ceilings and walls, the thickness of the floor you will cross each day, lighting and outlet locations, and so much more. You will receive a draft of the construction drawings including selections for countertops, fireplace finishes, flooring, stair rail designs, trim and molding details, and every other stunning detail throughout your space. You will also get a look at the wall coverings and installations we have designed and curated just for you.

With delivery of your construction drawings to both you and your contractor, the full team is on board to bring your space into built form

  • Throughout the design process, we will be showing the design intent for furniture and decor to complete the vision of your space. At this stage, we will present the detailed elements including furniture and decor, window treatments, fabrics, art accessories, and all our recommended finishing touches. Our highly visual design process also includes “look, touch, feel” opportunities for select wall art and decor through our Mable showroom. 

Recent Projects

Take a look at some 3-D renderings and video walk-throughs from some of our recent commercial projects.