The Owl's Nest Program

Furniture Focused Services for Smart Birds


Build your nest the smart way
with hand-picked designer furnishings
and professional design services
crafted to fit your style and budget

What's the Owl's Nest?

The Owl’s Nest is our new express furniture program designed to stretch your budget and increase expediency all while keeping the Murphy Maude Interiors aesthetic intact.

In this program we focus on an online only, in-stock approach to our furniture planning services, which provides you with one-on-one access to our design experts, and exclusive to-the-trade only products – resulting in a professional design plan tailored to your lifestyle and budget.

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The Owls nest vs murphy maude Interiors Custom

The Owls Nest

  • $2500 per room design fee refundable with purchase of product Minimum product purchase of $50,000 required.
  • Hi value/style products from our most reliable vendors takes 6-8 weeks to arrive and stretches budget.
  • Client does not pay receiving or storage. Pick up or flat fee installation cost.
  • No wait list!

Murphy Maude Custom

  • $25,000 Design fee non refundable .
  • Minimum product purchase of $150,000 required.
  • Custom products can take up to 30 weeks to arrive and are more costly.
  • Client Pays receiving, storage and installation separately And installation separately.
  • Wait list currently until November

The Owls Nest

  • A per room design fee (depending on size and complexity) refundable with purchase of proposed product.
  • Low minimum product purchase.
  • High value/style products from our choice vendors including our sister company Mable Originals.
  • 4-6 weeks for furniture to arrive.
  • White glove flat fee 1 time delivery by one or our partners or self pick up.
  •  Installation map for your convenience.
  • Mostly digital program, think Zoom, Loom, and FaceTime.
  • No wait list! 
  • Total time from start to finish is from 1 week – 2 months (depending on selections)

Murphy Maude Custom

  • Minimum non refundable design fee.
  • Higher minimum product purchase.
  • Full service design specifications and full service furniture services
  • In-person meetings with full design team support
  • Custom products can take up to 12 months to arrive and are more costly.
  • Client pays receiving, storage and installation separately to a third-party source
  • Full service 2 day installation, staging and styling services all charged at standard rates
  • Wait list is 6 months or more.

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Meet the Designers

Owner and Creative Director Leslie Murphy founded Murphy Maude Interiors in 2016 out of a desire to bring artful interior design to the Mid-South. With an eye toward lush, elegant interiors, Leslie’s bold point of view continually moves the mark of what interior design can be in the modern world.


Affectionately known as the “Maude Squad,” our team of creative professionals use art to create a sensory connection between the natural world and the built environment.

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Leslie Murphy

Owner & Creative Director

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