What We Do

Minimal curved staircase design.

Interior Design

Murphy Maude Interiors is based in Nashville, TN, but is available to work anywhere if the project aligns with our aesthetic. As an interior design firm, we create immersive, art-driven residential and commercial environments for discerning clients. Our innovative approach ensures that anything imagined can be created as our team of highly skilled creatives weave together architecture and design to create a beautiful backdrop for joyful living. From bespoke textiles from our sister company, Mable Originals, to custom furniture and original artwork, each interior is highly curated to realize a collaborative vision of artistic expression.

Paired with the infinite possibilities offered by our completely in-house team, our turnkey design process ensures unforgettable results no matter the scale of your project. Unique in the industry, our thoughtful milestone system draws on the latest in visualization and 3D rendering technology to create a space where art and living intersect.

Who We Are

The Maude Squad

Owner and Creative Director Leslie Murphy founded Murphy Maude Interiors in 2016 out of a desire to bring artful interior design to the Mid-South. With an eye toward lush, elegant interiors, Leslie’s bold point of view continually moves the mark of what interior design can be in the modern world.


Affectionately known as the “Maude Squad,” our team of creative professionals use art to create a sensory connection between the natural world and the built environment. We bring together all areas of design through in-house expertise and strategic partnerships to provide a fully curated, one-of-a-kind experience. Working collaboratively across disciplines, MMI is infused with an artistic spirit that takes our work beyond what is typical in the Mid-South. 


With MMI, you will see your vision unfold in the hands of our experienced team of architects, designers, and artists who are passionate about going beyond the ordinary to create the remarkable.

Leslie Murphy

Owner and Creative Director

Savannah Farrell

Design Team Manager

Alissa Tang

Design Managing Director

Lindsey Glenn

Managing Director of Marketing and PR

Adelaide Warinner

Operations Manager

Rain Miller

Mable Coordinator

Aryn Jones

Procurement Manager

Kaitlin Kelly

Project Manager

Jordyn Rubin

Junior Designer

Our Creative Process

At the core of our work is the belief that the built environment should be a balm for the soul. Each interior becomes an expression of the human spirit through distinctive design that revitalizes the way you move through your space. 


We approach design with boundless artistic creativity while also staying true to the practical needs of each client’s lifestyle. With this forward-thinking approach, we view each space through the lens of art – the inspiration in moments remembered, the whimsy in the details of our daily life, and the meaningful moments we crave.