7 Common Bedroom Decor Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

bedroom decor mistakes

Did you know that your bedroom can actually impact your health? A poor design and low-quality furniture can disturb your sleep, which can be associated with a number of different health concerns. A good night’s rest is essential for maintaining a happy and healthy life, so planning a good bedroom design is very important. 

Keep reading for 7 bedroom decor mistakes to avoid making when planning your home renovation. 

1. Buying Stock Furniture You Won’t Love

When starting from scratch, it can be very overwhelming to pick out all of your furniture. Many new homeowners fall into the trap of buying a full set of stock furniture from a big box store, without giving the items much thought.

While stock furniture may get you by, it will likely not meet your needs or tastes as time goes on. Then you will have to replace the existing furniture, which can be costly. 

It is best to avoid this circumstance altogether by investing in furniture you actually love. Introduce yourself to your space, get a feel for what your needs and wants actually are, and then pick out pieces that will work for you.

Your whole room does not need to come from the same set; in fact, your room may look better with alternating textures and patterns that complement each other rather than match each other. 

2. Falling for Ultra-Trendy Designs 

Housing trends come and go almost as fast as fashion does. While house styles will always evolve, it is best to avoid diving head first into one specific trend. 

It is best to avoid sinking your home decor budget into a trend that will be short-lived. When planning your dream bedroom, try to look for furniture for bedrooms that match the style of the trend you like but will also work with a range of different styles. For example, if you love the bold color trends this year, select bedroom furniture in a color that you know you will love in 10 years. 

There are many ways to incorporate the various trends into your space without investing money into something you will hate in 3 years. 

3. Throwing Your Room Out of Balance

You can have all of your dream bedroom decor and furnishings, but bad organization will throw the whole feel out of wack. The bedroom is more than just a crash pad, it is where you unwind after a long day, relax, get ready, and refresh. 

Avoid placing all of your furniture and decor on one side or another- try to keep the space balanced. Balance makes the room feel more comfortable and will help you relax and stay organized. 

The concept of feng shui is based on these principles. Those who follow feng shui believe that the flow of qi can help improve sleep and mood. You want to position your furniture thoughtfully, avoid clutter, and keep things nice and symmetrical. 

4. Forgetting About Storage Needs

It may be tempting to buy that dainty bed stand, but is it practical? Bedrooms require a lot of items to be stored at any given time, so it is essential that you do not skip over storage. 

In addition to a dresser, there are a lot of ways to incorporate extra storage. Under-bed storage is a great solution for hidden storage space. Nightstands with extra space and decorative shelves can really improve on your room’s functionality, particularly if you are working with a smaller space.

5. Buying the Wrong Lighting

Lighting in a bedroom is essential! If your lighting is too dim, it may not be functional for getting ready. Lighting that is too bright may be annoying and could take away from your relaxation. 

There are many different types of bedroom lighting to choose from, and the lighting you choose has the power to elevate your entire space. If you have a ceiling light and space, try adding a decorative pendant light for some extra decor. If you do not have the space for a ceiling light, some thoughtfully placed floor and table lamps can still meet your needs. 

Dimmable lighting can also help make sure your room is bright enough when you need it and can dim down when you just want to unwind. 

6. Skipping Over Floor Decor

Your floors take up a large portion of your room, so why would you skip decorating them too? Rugs are not only cozy, they can bring together all of the design elements you already have. 

Rugs also anchor your space, helping your bedroom to feel more intimate. A thoughtfully placed rug under your bed can help your room feel more centered. 

In addition to rugs, floor plants and lamps can add the finishing touches to your room. Plants add life, naturally decorating any empty spaces in your room. Lamps help to illuminate specific areas of the room, creating focal points. 

7. Blocking Natural Light

There is a balance between having privacy and having no natural light at all. Getting enough natural light can help improve your sleep and mood. Having enough natural light flowing into your space will help ensure that you feel great when you wake up. 

If you are working with limited windows, there are some things you can do to help increase light. Mirrors are an amazing way to reflect the natural light you do have around the room. They are also functional decor pieces that will not take up lots of floor space. 

Avoid These Bedroom Decor Mistakes in Your Home

When planning your home design or renovation, it is important to avoid falling into these bedroom decor mistakes that so many people make. Your bedroom is where you start and end your day, and you want to create a space that you will love for years to come. 

Now, it is your turn to plan your modern bedroom design. Pick a style you love, plan out the space, and dive into your bedroom design with confidence. 

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