Dreamy Bedroom Renovation

In a world where we are all looking for a calming comfortable place that feels safe and secure, we thought what better time than now to focus on the ultimate sanctuary, the bedroom.

We recently went back to the home of our wonderful clients, Stacy and Todd Watson to check out their dreamy master bedroom renovation after they had a chance to move back in and live there after a house fire and a major renovation project. We wanted to know how the renovation changed the experience for them.

Before the renovation, their bedroom was more traditional with heavier fabrics and an overall darker in mood. They were looking to lighten everything up and give it a more current feel. We wanted to help them refresh the space, and to edit and minimize just a little. We kept the French feel but brought in a lighter color palette, and we added a seating area, which was an entirely new element that they didn’t have in their previous bedroom. The seating are changes their experience significantly. They use it frequently for reading and family time around the fireplace. That’s what good design is all about– creating spaces where people can come together and experience a little joy and inspiration. This is what makes our job such a pleasure!

This design was a highly custom experience and we had the opportunity to bring in a lot of luxury items. We used items from brands that are tried and true that we absolutely love. The gorgeous chandelier is from Visual Comfort aka Circa Lighting, the luxurious textured rug is from Stark, and upholstery from one of our all time favorites, Vanguard. We loved being able to bring in those pieces as well as come accessories from out very own Murphy Maude Wear-house. We brought in some lovely containers, pillows, and a faux fur throw to finish things off.

We really enjoyed working with Stacy and Todd and helping create a beautiful and luxurious bedroom retreat for them. Creating spaces where people love their environment is really what makes our job so special– so thank you Todd and Stacy for allowing us to do that for you!