7 Inspiring Bedroom Design Tips You Need to Know

bedroom design

Your bedroom is supposed to be your gateway from life’s stressful situations. It should be a peaceful sanctuary where you can get to relax and unwind.

Let’s be honest: on average, you spend between 8 to 10 hours while sleeping without including the time spent while napping. Thus, we can conclude your bedroom is your favorite place.

Hence you must ensure your bedroom design offers the best functionality and reflects your style. If you prefer to lay on the couch instead of your bed after getting from work, it’s a sign your bedroom is not cozy and appealing enough.

In such a case you should consider upgrading your bedroom to improve its coziness and functionality. If the color theme and lighting system do not offer a calm environment for you to sleep and loosen up, you need to take action.

Decorating your bedroom might not be as easy as it sounds. You have to get it right in every decoration aspect. Otherwise, choosing the wrong size of the bed, color theme, and other elements can break your bedroom’s decor.

Continue reading and discover the 7 bedroom design tips that you need to know.

Choose the Appropriate Colors

When selecting the best colors for your bedroom, go for neutral and warm ones. The combination of these colors should be displayed on the ceiling, wall, and even furniture.

You mustn’t use bright colors as they might inhibit your sleeping pattern. It’s of most importance to have the colors within your bedroom complement each other.

A good combination of neutral and warm colors makes it easy for you to relax and doze off.

Select the Right Bed

A bedroom can’t be complete without a bed. You have to ensure the bed is cozy enough to stimulate you to sleep.

However, this does not mean you purchase the biggest bed out there. You have to ensure the bed size matches the available space.

A large bed will make your bedroom appear small, while a smaller bed will make your bedroom appear empty.

Thus, you have to understand the floor plan of your house before purchasing a bed. If your bedroom is extremely spacious, you can consider including other types of bedroom furniture at the end of the bed.

Pick an Appropriate Wall Décor

When decorating your bedrooms wall, you can use wallpapers or have them painted with a special texture. Avoid using bright-colored wallpapers as they might not stimulate your sleep.

If you want to save on your wall décor, you can have the wall painted with plain colors. In such a case, you should consider adding framed pictures or paintings to avoid the plain walls appearing dull.

But remember your bedroom is supposed to reflect your style. Thus, you have to go for the colors and paintings you love. Otherwise, it would be unfortunate to wake up every day to colors and paintings that don’t appeal you.

Choose the Right Flooring for Your Bedroom Design

While in your bedroom you are supposed to be as comfortable as possible. The type of flooring you choose must add to your level of comfort.

Ceramic tiles and granite flooring might not be a suitable choice for your flooring. Such floorings are usually cold and unwelcoming.

It would be unfortunate to wake up from your warm cozy bed only for your legs to land on a cold floor.

Laminate flooring, wood, or carpet is the best option for your bedroom decor. They are stylish and keep the bedroom warm. If you have ceramic or granite flooring, it doesn’t mean you can’t make your bedroom cozy.

You can put a carpet or a rug near your bedside to avoid coming into contact with the cold floor.

Focus on Your Bedrooms Traffic

You must ensure there is good traffic in your bedroom. It would be best to walk inside the room without being cramped easily. Besides, if the movements space is relatively small, you will likely stumble upon other items.

Thus, ensure you have the right size of furniture in your room. You must also ensure the furniture is well arranged to avoid restricting your movement. The most preferred traffic lanes size is 24 inches.

With such space, you will walk comfortably without having to squeeze past the furniture to get to your bed.

Layer Your Lighting

Relying on overhead lighting might not be a good practice. Consider using other types of lighting fixtures to improve the functionality of your bedroom.

It’s not a must you invest in a chandelier to layer your lighting. There are other simple light sources you can utilize.

You can go for the built-in lights, floor lamps, bedside lights, to mention a few. But of most importance ensure to combine several lighting options.

You can combine ambient lighting and accent lighting fixtures. Ambient lighting illuminates the whole room and makes carrying out certain activities such as reading easy.

Accent lighting splashes the walls with a soft illumination stimulating a relaxation mood.

Remember Your Ceiling

The ceiling is one of the largest unused spaces in most bedrooms. Most homeowners forget they can utilize the ceiling to improve the ambiance of their room.

You can install wallpapers or paint your ceiling with a delicate color pattern to give your bedroom a special touch. If you are not good at DIY projects, you can involve the best interior designer.

They can come up with a molded ceiling to fit your bedroom need.

You Now Know the Bedroom Design Tips 

Coming up with a bedroom design that will improve the functionality and ambiance of your room might be challenging. However, with the right tips and knowledge, coming up with a design that will add a special touch to your bedroom becomes easy.

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