The Only Bathroom Remodel Checklist You’ll Ever Need

The idea of remodeling a bathroom remains more popular than ever these days. And as home improvement spending continues to increase, it might be time to reimagine one of the most important spaces in your home.

The National Kitchen & Bath Association released its market outlook earlier this year and forecasted industry revenues to exceed $167 billion. That figure shows a 19 percent increase from last year. NKBA points to new construction as the main reason but noted remodeling projects and single-family investments as significant drivers, too.

Maybe you need to personalize your bathroom space, or you want a place to escape and relax. Whatever the reason, a bathroom renovation is a serious task. But if you’re ready to do it, here’s a helpful bathroom remodel checklist to keep handy.

Before the Remodel

A 2021 cost versus value report shows the national average for a midrange bathroom remodel is more than $24,000. The average return on investment (ROI) checks in at over $14,000. These renovations often include new tile floors, chrome fixtures, and vanity, as well as a standard white toilet, among other things. 

Before the remodel, you need to sort out your budget, even as you’re considering different bathroom design ideas. Move through the space and visualize the new bathroom decor. Consider making a vision board to keep these ideas organized. 

Ask yourself important questions, like who will use this bathroom? Are you moving fixtures and changing the layout? Will you complete the remodel on your own? 

Once you’re ready, it’s time to start measuring the space and research materials. Carve out time on your calendar for this project, and contact a professional if you need help. 

Think About Accessories

It’s weird to start with finishing touches, but this is an alphabetical bathroom remodel checklist. It’s also handy to have this information near the top because accessories are often forgotten in the room remodeling process. 

You’ll want to make room in the budget for your bathroom decor on top of the major purchases you’re making. You’re going to need a bath mat and towel rod anyway, so build it into the budget.

Look Into the Door Options

Another forgotten element of a good bathroom design is the door. Every bathroom has at least one door, with many featuring multiple access points. You’ll want to consider the layout of your bathroom when planning the remodel. 

The doors provide flow for your bathroom, and if they’re not in the right place, it’ll disrupt that flow and may result in a lack of privacy. You also want to avoid putting any fixtures or furniture in the way of a swinging door.

Don’t Forget About Electrical Features

Powering your bathroom goes without saying. Before you get started, make sure you evaluate the electrical setup of the space. If you need to add additional outlets, consider talking to a licensed electrician.  

Make your electrical adjustments before tiling. Also, consider keeping or installing electrical outlets in easy to reach places. You’ll want to use your vanity countertop to set down your hair curlers and dryers as they cool.

Consider Flooring and Finishes

Something that certainly needs space on your bathroom remodel checklist is flooring. The vast majority of bathrooms sport tile floors. You’ll need to decide if what you have still works, or if you’re going to lay something new. 

Ceramic and porcelain tiles stand out as popular options for bathroom decor, but you can also go with natural stone or stained concrete. Those materials can also be incorporated into your bathroom design as finishes for the vanity. 

Your flooring should be durable and water-resistant. For the finishes, that needs to be water-proof as well, and visually appealing. 

Remember the Importance of HVAC

While the HVAC system isn’t always something that springs to mind when going through the bathroom remodel ideas, this is a necessary consideration. If your bathroom doesn’t currently have modern ventilation, you’ll want to include it in your bathroom design.

The HVAC system helps remove the moisture in the air after someone takes a bath or shower. Proper ventilation helps reduce the chance of mildew and mold growth. It also helps keep the room comfortable.

Take Accurate Measurements

When planning your bathroom remodel, you should take measurements of the space. You’ll want to include those specific numbers on your bathroom remodel checklist for easy access. 

Measure the overall room, doors and windows, and the space between fixtures. Also, keep in mind the proper measurements for electrical wiring and plumbing pipes.  

Get Plumbing Work Done Pronto

Plumbing remains the most important element to consider in any bathroom remodel. The room needs water and waste disposal, and if you’re redesigning the layout, that can get expensive. 

Moving showers, sinks, or toilets give the bathroom an entirely new feel and flow, but at a cost. To save money, replace the fixtures in their current locations, opting instead to change the hardware or tiling. 

Maximize Storage and Shelving

Storage and shelving are also musts for any bathroom. They need to be both functional and stylish. Make sure to have plenty of space to keep the necessities at hand and to store products. 

Whatever carpentry you incorporate, it must be water-proof. Bathroom vanities, baseboards, and windowsills need to be sealed to avoid leaks, mildew, and mold. 

Add Windows and Wall-Coverings

The moisture in your bathroom also affects the windows and wall-coverings. Whatever material you select for the walls must be water-resistant to avoid mildew and mold growth. Windows should be well-sealed, and either covered or frosted for privacy. 

Plan for Timing and Work Sequence

The last part of your bathroom remodel checklist deals with the timing of the project. You’ll want to know how long the renovation will take, especially if you’re working with a professional.

You’ll want to plan the sequence of the work so that the room maintains some functionality or so ongoing work doesn’t damage completed parts of the remodel.

Use This Bathroom Remodel Checklist 

Making your way through your various remodel ideas and current interior design trends can be overwhelming. That’s why a bathroom remodel checklist can be so handy. It’ll keep you organized and on task throughout the remodeling process.

If you’re ready to turn your bathroom remodel ideas into something real, be sure to contact us today so we can help you get started.