Check Out These Amazing Ideas for Your Living Room Layout

living room layout

Did you know that new furniture styles generally come out in the spring and fall? If you want to update your living room with new furniture, you might want to shop during these times. Some people update their furniture every few years, while others simply rearrange their living rooms to create new living room layouts. 

In either case, are you tired of seeing the same arrangement and layout in your living room? If so, you might want to consider some amazing ideas for new layouts you can use to give your living room a new and fresh look.

Here are some great ideas for furniture layouts you can use in your living room.

Use The Two Sofa Layout

As you start considering your options for a new living room arrangement, you might want to consider your goals. For example, what is the main purpose of your living room? 

Some people want an arrangement that works well for conversing with others, whether their families or guests. If this is your main goal, you might want to consider using a two sofa layout. 

Interior designers often call this the conversationalist setup, as it offers the ideal layout for visiting with people. 

To use this idea, you’ll need to sofas. It’s best to choose two identical couches for this layout. 

Once you have them, you place them facing each other with space between them. You can place a coffee table in this space to separate the couches and offer a place to set things. 

With this layout, people can sit on both couches and face each other. The result is that it makes for an ideal setup for visiting. 

Create The Ideal TV Layout 

If your main goal is to create the perfect space for your family to watch TV, you’ll want a different room layout than the one described above. 

A perfect TV layout begins with the location of the TV. If possible, you should hang your TV on the wall, as this requires less space. Once you know where you will put your TV, you can start designing the room around it.

The TV is the focal point of this layout, so you’ll need to make sure all the seating spots have a clear view of it. You might want to use one large couch with a few recliners, or you might want a sectional. 

You can decide how many couches to have, and you can then add chairs to fill up the space. You’ll also want to include a few end tables near the seats to provide a place for people to set things. 

Use Your Couch As A Separation 

Another common type of furniture arrangement involves using a couch as a separation. This method works well in many homes, but you’ll need enough space for this to work.

If you have an open layout in your house, you could consider using the couch to separate the living room from any adjoining rooms.

While the couch doesn’t serve the same purpose as a wall, it helps distinguish the different spaces in a house. 

You could also use this option in a walk-through room to provide a space for people to pass through the room to get to the next room. 

When you use a couch to separate areas, you can add tables next to the couch or behind it. 

Go With A Sectional For Large Rooms

When you have a large living room to decorate, you might want to consider some other furniture layout ideas. One option is to use an oversized sectional to help fill up the room. 

Sectionals come in all sizes and shapes, and an L-shaped one might work well for a large room. If your room is big enough, you might even want to use two sectionals. 

Big rooms need large furniture items. Otherwise, the large amount of space drowns out the furniture you place in the room. 

You can check out some ideas on our website to help you determine the best layout for your space. 

Use Vertical Furniture For Smaller Rooms

If you’re working with a small living room, you might need to think more carefully about the layout. You might also need to focus on choosing more vertical furniture items to the room to use less space. 

While you can’t buy vertical couches, you can buy shelves for your walls or tall cabinets to use for storage. To create the best layout, start by adding a couch and one or two chairs. 

From there, you can add vertical furniture, and you might also want to add a few mirrors. Adding mirrors to a small room helps create the feel and look of a larger room. 

If possible, avoid overfilling the room, as this might make the room look smaller than it actually is. 

Consider Chairs And Ottomans For A Sitting Room

If your living room is more of a sitting room, you might want to consider using a layout that contains chairs and ottomans. 

This idea is one of the best sitting room arrangements you can find. You can purchase two to four chairs to place in the room, depending on the size. Next, you can buy one or two ottomans to place in there.

Ottomans serve multiple purposes. You can use them for seating or as footrests. Some even open up, allowing you to use them for storage purposes, which is perfect for smaller areas in your home. 

Shop For New Furniture To Update Your Living Room Layout

Creating a new living room layout is a great way to acquire a fresh, new look in your home. You can use the furniture you have to accomplish this, or you can buy new furniture to create a brand-new look.

At Murphy Maude Interiors, we can help you plan your next home project to help you create beautiful rooms in your home. Call us or visit our site to learn more about our services.