Amazing Closet Renovation

We were fortunate to be able to work with Stacey and Todd Watson on one of our favorite closet renovations to date. They came to MMI looking to create a space that was custom tailored to their needs — one that was functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. 

Stacey and Todd wanted a closet space that was airy, luxurious, well lit, so around the perimeter we created LED lit cabinets with glass front doors where they could hang their clothes and be able to find things easily. In the center of the space, we created a large island where they could set their belongings after a long day, and with drawers for more storage. We also made use of the two large windows with custom sheer shades to allow a lot of natural light in during the day. 

Todd was big on organization, so we created a custom tie rack to hold all of his ties, making them easy to see as well as being neatly stored. Shoes are always very important in the dressing experience and creating a specific shoe display area with lit cubbies allowed us to break up the space creating a privacy wall to seperate the two sections of the closet. We also added a sliding ladder so the Watsons could access the shoes on the top shelves. 

Stacey wanted a luxurious and spacious area to get ready for the day, so we created a custom desk and bench for her to sit and do her make-up, as well as a tufted window seat for additional seating. We also created a custom jewelry rack with hooks to hang all of her jewelry, keeping them from getting tangled and making each piece easy to find.

We  wanted to recreate the feeling of a retail experience in their closet— improving their overall ease of finding their things in addition to setting the tone of empowered living and self actualization for the day! Thanks so much to Todd and Stacey for allowing us to be a part of this amazing project!