House Tour | Southern Luxury Project

At first glance, the clean, neutral palette of this luxurious Memphis home belies the dynamic energy circulating throughout. From custom wall coverings to a perfectly appointed indoor/outdoor entertaining space, this highly custom, perfectly curated family home exudes southern luxury. With every finishing touch carefully considered, each room is the epitome of joyful living at its finest.

Providing an artful experience for a family of builders in the community was a challenge Murphy Maude was eager and confident to meet. Although seasoned professionals themselves, the husband and wife duo leaned into our creative process every step of the way. The result is a stunning example of what high end residential design can be in the modern world.

For many, the heart of the home is the kitchen. As soon as you take in the sunlit chef’s kitchen with striking cambria countertops continuing seamlessly up the backsplash, you know where the heartbeat of this home resides. The tastefully appointed indoor/outdoor bar, a special request by the husband, serves as the perfect complement for entertaining family and friends.

Luxurious Southern kitchen with island and three seating spots.
Sunlit chef's kitchen with Cambria countertops and indoor/outdoor bar.
Sunlit chef's kitchen with Cambria countertops and indoor/outdoor bar.

To answer the drama of the kitchen, we anchored the open-concept dining room with a dramatic, show stopping piece. This start-to-finish custom dining table was conceptualized by Leslie Murphy, Creative Director of MMI, and designed by Caroline Lovelace for local fabrication. The custom marble and iron base supports a handcrafted wood and epoxy top that will serve as a sophisticated foundation for family gatherings for years to come.

As you trail your fingers across the table’s rich wood, your gaze can’t help but take in the living room’s large bay windows. With a picturesque seating area completing the space, it would be impossible to refuse a glass of wine as you enjoyed the accompanying view. Rounding out the scene are the custom modular sectionals complete with specific measurements required by our client for maximum comfort – a perfect marriage of form and function.

The artists and designers at MMI are endlessly inspired by the natural world, and we strive to bring the artfully organic into every interior space. Thoughtful solutions like this custom firewood storage create the kind of connection to the environment that our souls crave. Combined with the crackling of warmth on a chilly winter evening, the family’s living space becomes a complete sensory experience that harkens back to times past without losing any of its modern sophistication.

Open-concept dining room with custom marble and iron table.
Living room's bay window seating area with custom modular sectionals and panoramic view.
Living room's bay window seating area with custom modular sectionals and panoramic view.

Beyond the substantial, delicately curved modern staircase lies each family member’s personal space designed specifically for them. Our clients wanted each child’s room to be a reflection of their own heart and soul. For their daughter, we designed a custom wallpaper pattern through Mable Originals that reflects her personality and interests while tying together all the natural elements and colors of the space. This whimsical, yet refined, custom design adds an artistic touch that even the youngest family members find great joy in.

The master suite takes on the darker elements of the home’s color palette and amplifies them to dramatic proportions. The dark walls and trim were paired with a lighter wood ceiling to create a sophisticated, moody atmosphere with bespoke natural touches. The clean lines of the furniture and decor items alongside lush fabrics weave together a modern aesthetic that signals rest and relaxation at its finest.

Bedroom with custom wallpaper blending natural elements and colors.
Artistic and whimsical custom-designed bedroom for all ages.
Image capturing the essence of Southern luxury living with gracious interiors and charming outdoor spaces.
Image showcasing a chic and modern interior with contemporary furnishings and captivating decor.

The master bath connects to the bedroom’s sultriest design elements with a dark color palette offset by sensual, curved lines throughout. The rich walls, trim, and ceiling create the perfect backdrop for the striking marble floors and shower. The dark, almost indigo rippling of the marble sweeps you off your feet until your eyes rest upon a beautiful, showshopping tub under a dazzling glass chandelier. The subtle mix of textures and movement throughout the master bath will serve as a timeless refuge from the demands of the everyday for years to come.

“Every home is a story to be told, and we strive to uncover that narrative and create an artful representation of it that serves as a backdrop for joyful living,” Leslie says of the project. “This home is a reflection of our clients’ taste and lifestyle, designed and curated for them in every last detail. That is what truly boundless creativity can do!”

Luxurious Southern-style bathroom with centrally located bathtub.