How to Style a Console Table: Ideas for a Perfect Vignette

how to style a console table

Interior design is full of endless creative opportunities, but if you don’t know where to start, it can quickly become overwhelming.

If you’re looking at your console table and thinking, “What do I do with you?” we’re about to offer some assistance

First we’ll dive into the top tips for styling a console table so it looks cohesive, and then we’ll offer some ideas for specific decor looks. 

Ready to learn how to style a console table? Let’s get started!

Make It Look Taller

Most console tables aren’t going to be very tall, leaving you with a lot of wall area that may look blank and bland without any decorating. 

To give the console table a little more height, hang something above it to elevate the whole space. This could be something like a large piece of artwork or a decorative mirror. If you’re not comfortable hanging the item from the wall, you could rest it on the console table instead. 

Make sure the piece you choose has a couple of feet in height so that it truly makes your console table area look taller. This will help create a focal point and draw people’s eyes to the table. 

Add Large Accessories

Another easy interior design tip is to place a couple of larger accessories or decorative items on your console table. These larger items will help take up space without making your table look cluttered (and again, will add height!).

For example, pick out a large vase to set on an end of the console table, or opt for a stack of books to be the centerpiece. Lamps, tall picture frames, and artwork are all great accessory ideas too. 

Just remember to choose items that match the theme or aesthetic of the room that the console table is in for the best look. 

Balance Out the Bottom

Since you added height to the console table, it’s also a good idea to balance out the bottom of it as well.

To draw the eye to the table’s legs, create a visual emphasis by adding elements near the floor. This might mean placing the console table on a rug or adding baskets underneath the table to act as both focal points and storage solutions. 

Stacking books on top of one another or even creating a decorative display of vases or candles works too. 

Play with the Details

With the big decor details out of the way, you can focus on adding those finishing touches to bring your console table styling together. 

Select a couple of smaller items to place on top of your table. Some popular options are candles, trays, picture frames, flowers, or small trinkets. But don’t let it become cluttered – less is more!

Once you’ve placed your accessories and key elements on and around the console table, take a step back and look to see if you’ve created a balanced look. Keep playing with the layout and details until you love what you see!

Ideas to Take Your Console Table to the Next Level

We’ve gone over the most important elements of vignette styling, but what if you want your console table to make a statement? Here are some additional ideas to help your table styling stand out. 

Pops of Color

Looking for a way to add a little personality to your console table setup? Use a pop of color!

Pick out bold-colored accessories to place on the table, or go all out with a bright and cheerfully painted table itself. If you have a console table that’s a neutral color but you like the idea of brightening it up, make it a DIY project and paint the table yourself!

Go All Out with the Art

If you’re an art lover, use your console table to create an artistic focal point. 

Place a large piece of artwork over the table, create a display of mini custom sculptures, or add metal work or unique design elements to the table itself. You might also use the area above the console table as a gallery space, displaying multiple framed photographs or pieces of art. 

Play with Patterns

If your console table is simple and you’d like the area to stand out more, consider adding a patterned or textured wallpaper to the wall behind it. This is a great way to add a unique element to the room without having to pile the table up with random nicknacks. 

If you’re feeling especially creative, use colors that complement the room to paint a custom pattern directly onto the console table, turning it into the centerpiece. 

Add Some Light

Is your table decor feeling a little flat? Place a lamp or a few candles on the console table, light them up, and voila! You’ve immediately added some depth.

The light from lamps or candles will not only create a more intimate and homey feel, but it’ll form shadows that add dimension to your space as well. 

Create an Organic Look 

Design a clean look by picking out a console table made of wood. Add some accessories made of earthy tones, such as clay bowls, a vase full of dried flowers, or a woven basket, and you’ve got yourself a simple yet organic look!

Keep It Minimalist 

Maybe you don’t want to put a bunch of items on your console table. In that case, a minimalist look is your best bet. 

Decorate the table by hanging a mirror above it. Then, you can add just one or two items to the table to make it look used but still tidy, like some faux greenery or a gold tray for keys. 

How to Style a Console Table: The Ultimate Guide

Now that you know how to style a console table, you’re ready to get started creating your own unique look. These interior design tips are just the beginning – feel free to get creative and decorate your table so that it reflects you and your unique space. 

Are you still feeling stuck when it comes to interior design? We can help. Reach out today to find out how we can take your home from bland to beautiful.