5 Bedroom Renovation Ideas to Make Your Space Feel Brand New

bedroom renovation

Close your eyes and picture your safe space. If your bedroom wasn’t the first thing to pop up, it’s time to change that.

We spend nearly half of our lives lying around in our bedrooms. So if it’s the first place you see in the morning and the last you see at night, it had better be a good sight.

There are so many bedroom renovation tips and tricks online. To save your time and effort, this guide does the work of sifting through them. To freshen up your space, read on for five bedroom renovation ideas!

1. Explore a New Style

This might seem like an intimidating start. However, going into a bedroom remodeling project without a theme in mind is a recipe for regret. Starting with a design style streamlines the decision-making for every following step.

From minimalism to maximalism and everything in between, there’s a style for everyone. Here are some tried and true design styles you can choose from:


This design style evokes warmth and coziness with its earthy and rugged features, bringing together natural elements like raw wood, stonework, leather, and furs. If you’re part of the “cottagecore” craze that swept the internet, this style is for you.


This is the perfect style for the dreamy bedroom renovation. With its immediate association with sophistication, the French style also brings comfort. Favoring vintage, look for gilded décor, Louis chairs, and fashionably distressed furniture.


If cabin-in-the-woods and antiques aren’t for you, look no further than contemporary.

It’s not to be mistaken with modern design. Both favor sleek and uncluttered, but contemporary is more fluid. It creates a simple and open space with basic shapes and clean lines.

2. Change the Mood With Colors and Textures

Design styles are all-encompassing, so that relieves the decision-making in other elements. In addition, once you’ve selected a design style, you already get a general idea of your color scheme and materials.

Since the bedroom is a place of relaxation, you’re shooting for an overall comfortable mood. Comfort looks and feels different to different people, but here are some ways you can bring it to your space:

Whip Out the Paint Samples

Due to psychology and cultural association, color affects everything from your emotions to your energy level. Blues are soothing and help lower heart rates, while greens bring about positive emotions and creativity.

However, it’s notoriously hard to narrow down your thousands of options to just a few paint cans. Homeowners really get their Devil Wears Prada moment when choosing between turquoise, lapis, or cerulean. So, get your hands on multiple paint swatch samples and bring them home to test in your lighting and with your décor.

Bedroom renovations don’t even have to be as much of a commitment as painting an entire room a new color. Starting small with an accent wall can go a long way. Less permanent options like peel-and-stick wallpaper will also look great when done right.

Layer Different Textures

Going back to your design style, think of the materials associated with it. You can juxtapose industrial fixtures with natural elements. Finding original textiles for your throws, upholstery, pillows, and sheets can also bring a personalized feel.

Get the Proper Lighting

You want your bedroom lighting to be relaxing when you end your day but also functional when you start it. Layer your lighting with several sources of illumination like built-in lights, accent fixtures, and lamps. For easy transition from fictional to relaxed, consider dimmable lighting.

3. Bring In Something New

Similar to color psychology, shopping also boosts your mood. It gives you that characteristic dopamine hit. After all, nothing says “new” like literally new.

You can start your bedroom remodel journey with just a few new elements, whether it’s that fancy television that looks like a painting, a fun lamp, or just a new candle. If you want a more striking difference, get large pieces like furniture, curtains, and rugs.

Of course, as the star of your bedroom show, remember to spruce up your bed. Luxury beddings are a sure-fire way to transform the literal feel of your bedroom.

4. Create Dedicated Areas

Creating a special space within your special space just might be what you need. Not only does it add comfort, but it also contributes to the functionality of your space. By creating spaces for people to come together or for you to find peace, your bedroom gets to be more than a sleeping space.

Here are great examples of value-adding areas you can create in your bedroom:

  • Sitting area
  • Office desk
  • Reading nook
  • Mini bar or beverage station

When creating these areas, however, always be mindful of your layout. Make sure the location you choose doesn’t overcomplicate your bedroom’s traffic. Get creative by utilizing window nooks, alcoves, and spare closets.

5. Organize and Rearrange

With the selection opening with a “go big or go home” design style change, this might seem anticlimactic. However, never underestimate variety as the spice of life. Organizing and rearranging existing features are significant aspects of the home remodeling experience.

Working with what you already have is a far less-taxing but still rewarding renovation. A thorough spring cleaning and decluttering breaths life back into your space. Of course, rearranging your furniture and appliance layout also changes how you experience your room.

How Do You Know if You’re Due for a Bedroom Renovation?

First of all, if you’re reading this guide, it just proves that the intention is already there. We’ve given you many proven effects of your space on your overall well-being. So, you should probably trust your gut when it says it wants a room upgrade.

If your room is starting to feel stifling and monotonous, it’s possible that you’re actually losing sleep over it.

Make Your Safe Space

It’s a human inclination to build and modify our environment to suit our needs. If you can’t find a safe space, you just have to make your existing space safe. Try out these bedroom renovation ideas today.

For expert help in your home remodel journey, our Maude Squad is with you every step of the way. We’re simply a phone call away! Don’t be afraid to get in touch if you need help with your interior and exterior design.