Your Guide to Effective and Impactful Room Design

room design

When it comes to beautiful interior design, it feels as though trends are constantly changing. Giving your home a style that’s visually impactful is easy with a few simple tips.

Read on to learn how to create an effective, impactful room design that will not only make a lasting impression but will also help your home stand apart from the crowd.

Determine the Purpose

Before you get to work designing a room, it’s wise to think about the main purpose of each space. For example, will your living room be for watching TV, or more of a place to entertain guests and relax?

Once you designate a specific purpose for each room, it’s much easier to choose things like furniture, lighting, and decor. Look at pieces that will serve more than one function, like a storage ottoman or a lift-top coffee table.

You’ll also want to take the room’s size into account when you plan your room design and choose furniture for the home. Smaller spaces may need furniture that’s multifunctional, while large ones can easily accommodate bigger items like sectionals or several chairs.

Consider Maintenance

A key part of the interior design process involves choosing the right color, style, and pattern. However, if you pick out items that are difficult to clean and maintain, you’ll end up with a space you hardly use.

Seek out furniture for the home that’s easy to clean and to care for. Leather furniture is beautiful, sophisticated, and surprisingly easy to clean and keep in good condition.

The same idea applies to the finishes in the room. Choose flooring and paint or wallpaper that can easily be wiped down and cleaned without a lot of fuss. 

The more durable the items are, the more you’ll enjoy them. You will also get more longevity out of pieces that can resist snags, spills, and stains.

Select a Theme for Your Room Design

One of the most important design tips for creating an impactful space is to decide on the entire room’s overall style. If you adore the look of mid-century modern, seek out furniture and light fixtures that evoke the unique styles of the era.

For those who enjoy rustic spaces, try furnishings made of reclaimed wood or light fixtures accented with glass and metal. Whatever style you like best, it’s always smart to pick out items that will carry the theme throughout for a cohesive look.

Transitional styles are one of the best ways to mix and match designs without worrying about things looking off-kilter. This design style has a nice mix of classic and modern themes and silhouettes. When you choose transitional designs, you can easily incorporate new things later while maintaining a nice cohesion.

Be Original

Even if you want to keep up with the trends, choosing original designs is the best way to really create a visually unique space. Look for items that feature original textiles and artwork that will ensure your home is unique to you.

Curated items from talented artists and designers will ensure that your home has a personal touch. Original textiles boasting colorful designs and patterns made by creative minds will give any room a boost of bold visual appeal.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up in your space, either. Have fun playing with a variety of colors and patterns to give any room a uniquely eclectic look.

There are no rules that say you can’t blend different styles together. Choose a cheerful pattern for the wallpaper and upholstery, then finish the look by hanging a sleek wall mirror or installing some simple sconce lights to tie it all together.

Choose a Focal Point

When designing a room, it’s important to have one key signature piece. In fact, you can choose the focal point first, then design the rest of your space around it.

Look for items that really speak to you and that can’t be found anywhere else to make the biggest impact. An original sculpture or a large painting on canvas can really give any room a bold, dramatic touch.

Seek out a signature piece for your home that will tie everything else together. From faux taxidermy to an original painting you created yourself, these items are the key components that will make the space stand out.

A beautiful family heirloom or an intricate piece of antique furniture can also be a fantastic focal point. The goal is to find one item that is as dramatic as possible to anchor the room and give it a central theme. 

Layer Textures

One of the most impactful interior design tips is to layer lots of textures in a space. You can do this by mixing and matching materials that bring the natural world together with manmade things like metal or glass.

A beautiful wood and glass table placed over a jute area rug creates a beautiful juxtaposition of different textures. Even simply adding a throw blanket or some decorative pillows to your furniture will help you get a layered look.

Elevate your space by adding some luscious velvet curtains or sheer window panels. The more textures you incorporate, the more effective the room design will be.

Start Your Design Journey

Keep these room design tips in mind when you’re ready to make a change. From defining the purpose of a room to choosing original textiles and wallpaper, everything you do can help create a dramatic impact in your home.

If you’re ready to make a change in your home, be sure to visit our portfolio and contact us today so we can help you get started!