9 Signs It’s Time for a Home Redesign

More than half of the homeowners across the country plan to do some kind of renovation or improvements on their homes at any one time. Our homes are a place we spend so much time, everyone wants them to reflect our personalities and feel as comfortable as possible. 

Not every home needs a massive change in order to meet that goal. But certainly, some houses are more outdated than others and need more love to bring them into this century. 

If you’re looking around your home and wondering if it’s time for a home redesign, check out this list! These are the top nine things that date your home and show it’s time to make some upgrades to help it better reflect you! 

1. Low, Dark Ceilings

A huge telltale sign of an outdated home is what condition the ceiling is in. Modern homes value a ceiling that is as high as it can be and blends into the background. 

In the past, homes have had lower ceilings that were covered in a treatment called popcorn ceilings. This is an extremely heavy texture that’s added to make it stand out, sometimes there are even reflective pieces added to it for more oomph. 

Removing popcorn ceilings is the quickest way to update a space, even without touching any other element.

2. Tile for Counters

So many outdated designs are not only difficult to look at, but they also don’t function well either. A tiled countertop is the perfect example of this issue commonly found in an older home. 

Tiled counters are much harder to keep clean after a long period of time than a slab counter. All of the grooves and grout lines are just waiting to be filled with grime and debris. They’re also often found in unappealing patterns or colors. Switch to a smooth, neutral stone material and be amazed at the difference! 

3. Carpet Where it Shouldn’t Be

Carpets in a home add warmth, texture, and a layer of coziness really nothing else can. But there is certainly a time and a place for carpet and it is never in the bathroom. 

If your old home has carpet in the bathroom, it’s time to rip that out immediately. There are so many better ways to make your bathroom feel special and luxurious than with carpet that will never fully dry and that gets ruined quickly. 

4. Ugly Carpet Choices 

Speaking of carpet, when you do add carpet to your home it should be equally as pleasant to look at as it is to sit on. 

Good interior design can balance all of the elements of a room together to create a well-thought-out presentation. Some outdated homes are full of carpets in colors and textures that stand out and don’t leave any space for the rest of the room to shine. If that’s your carpets, it’s time to redo the room!

5. Low-Quality Flooring 

Not all flooring in older homes is outdated because of how it looks. Sometimes the quality is just not up to today’s standards and should be replaced with something better. 

Flooring is one of the main things worth investing in for your home. It gets so much use and is seen in every space, it’s a good idea to get something that can hold up to all the wear and tear it will see every day. 

6. Glass Block Walls 

While not found in a ton of places, a glass block wall is almost always a clear indicator of an outdated home. 

Initially used as a unique way to divide a space without completely blocking the light, the traditional glass blocks now look old-fashioned. Newer styles call for as much natural light as possible, so a clear window would be preferred. 

Though we should mention that different versions of these walls are coming back into homes recently but it’s a fine line to walk! 

7. Boring Details 

Elements that are found in every single home, like doorknobs and hardware, were seen as a utility in interior design of the past. That’s why you won’t often see any interesting shapes or materials used for these pieces in outdated designs. 

A current design would use these fixtures as another way to bring style to the space. There’s no element too small to be special. 

8. Limited Storage Options

Not every home renovation needs to happen solely because of the way a space looks. Outdated homes often don’t have the best functionality or flow either, especially when it comes to storage. 

In order for any design to look its best, it can’t be covered up in clutter and messes. This is why adding storage and renovating a closet is a great way to update a home. And you’ll see benefits of that decision spread out across the whole house. 

9. It Feels Dark 

The goal of a lot of interior design and home renovation projects is to make a space feel as open and large as possible. And the quickest way to do that is to lighten things up and bring in the natural light. 

When you walk into a home and immediately it feels dark and crowded, it’s time for an upgrade and to breathe some new life into it. Modern homes always prioritize an airy feeling! 

It’s Time for a Home Redesign

Once you realize you’re ready for a home redesign, the next step is to come up with a plan for what you’d like the home to look like in the end. And that’s where it gets tough!

There are so many ideas and sources of inspiration out there, it’s so difficult to narrow down a design while keeping true to you and making it look cohesive. Luckily, our team of professional designers knows exactly how to do that. We can work with you to bring your vision to life and help you achieve that beautiful home you’ve been dreaming of. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the process and what we could do for your home, contact us today to set up an appointment!